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The game you remember from your childhood, Mercenary - Escape from Targ - is now available to do download for free (PC, Mac and Linux), with enhanced graphics, but keeping all great aspects of the original game. 

Version 2 is ready to download

The features many of you have been asking for are now available in the new version, along with a number of improvements such as:

  • Ctrl+S Save the game.
  • Ctrl+L Load the game.
  • Ctrl+Q Quit to origin. Useful when you find yourself in an intractable situation. Returns you to the corner of the city plus equips you with a Dart. Unfortunately all the items in your inventory will be scattered randomly around town. Hint: you can see them clearly from up high and can pick them up again... 
  • Fixed issue with dropping items on the roof of satellite.
  • Now you can catch the Dart, flying along the city edge. Also you can pick up crashed Prestinium ship, just need to have Antigrav in inventory...
  • I hope issues with MacBook Pro M1 and Linux version are fixed now (due to latest Unity version used) but need confirmation from you... So please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to hear your experience or eventual issues as well...
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The story

The legendary 1985 MERCENARY game for 8-bit computers ATARI (later C64, Spectrum, Amiga)  is one of the games that influenced my life. As a tribute to the brilliant author Paul Woakes and for sentimental reasons, I decided to create a remake with the great help of Paul Spark, who carried out the reverse engineering and brought his extensive knowledge to the project, from the ground up, with better graphics but keeping all aspects of the original game. Upscaling or porting this game can never achieve the necessary quality, so I decided to create it from scratch in Unity.
It took over half a year to sort out all the details that the original game contained. I just have to marvel at how brilliantly they did it almost 40 years ago...
Playing retro-games is like reading a good book. When the player isn't oversaturated by the explosive graphics and sound effects, his imagination can soar...


PC version

For Windows 32 bit but works on 64 bit as well...

Mac versions

ZIP package includes 3 versions of build,
choose one suitable for your machine then run in Finder
by Ctrl+click Open to bypass security check.

Buy us coffee if you are happy with this remake or want to support us to make Mercenary - Second City remake...

Linux version

Enjoy playing on your Linux machine...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes sure! This is classic example of Paul Woakes sense of humour. If you find a cheese item, you can store it into your pocket, then on the ground just drop it down and use to fly above the city. I took special attention to preserve all these great details...

Yes you can. All solutions revealed by players (including these published in Atari magazine) should work in Mercenary Restart as well.

Another Paul Woakes' joke and reason, why this remake still use wireframe graphics. Without it this joke wouldn't be possible. And, ah, you asked what does it mean? Well, just find this item and look at it from another side...

I think the less the better. I didn't want to make another Far Cry or another game with realistic graphics because we would lose the atmosphere we remember from our youth. So I stuck to the principle of improving the game to be able to enjoy it on current computers but keeping all the features of the original game. It gives room for our imagination...

Yes, it is. I don't want to profit from the ideas and work of the original authors. On the other hand, working on this remake still takes me and Paul Spark more than half a year of daily work, so if you'd like to contribute to our coffee, we'd love it. That's why I've added a Donate button...

We have the necessary materials to create this sequel to Mercenary. It depends on the interest of the players and the amount of financial support. We would even like to create a third city - a sequel with completely new building models, items, underground rooms, scenario and new quests and logic puzzles...

Game Controls

  • ARROW KEYS - walking or flying direction
  • NUMBER 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 - ship speed, 0 is maximum
  • SHIFT + number - reverse speed
  • PLUS/MINUS - increase/decrease speed
  • SPACE BAR - stop
  • B - board ship
  • L - leave ship
  • E - elevator up/down
  • T - take (pick up) item
  • D - drop item
  • Y - confirm buying dart or other questins (saving, loading etc.)
  • INSERT - shoot bullet
  • CTRL+S - save the game progress
  • CTRL+L - load the game progress
  • CTRL+Q - quit to origin
  • ESC - quit the game

Gameplay, hints and tips

When we were little, there was no internet and we would look for hints to play Mercenry in magazines or spend pleasant weeks or months drawing maps and finding our own solutions. Nowadays you can find on internet several ways to finish Mercenary. I myself have created a procedure that allows you to reach the goal in just ten minutes. So if you're impatient, contact me, the one of last living experts on all the ins and outs, tricks, tips and cheats of Mercenary, and I'll be happy to help. Just remember, there's a Donate button somewhere on this page. Even just a coffee for a year's work on the Mercenary Restart will make me happy...

My Contacts

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